Come learn the beautiful art of Capoeira, A Brazilian martial art that combines elements of fight, dance, music, strength, acrobatics, coordination, guile and more. Appropriate for all levels of experiences, age, creed, etc. If you have a desire to try, you can do capoeira!

Upstate Capoeira is the only place in the upstate to learn capoeira and has the only Brazilian contra Mestre in South Carolina, CM Neguinho, who with his wife, Professora Risadinha, have been sharing Capoeira in the Upstate SC and North Carolina since 2015.

We offer classes for kids and adults.

New to Capoeira? Contact us today to schedule your free introductory class or to ask about any information. Email or call 704 949 5535.

Join us May 29- June 2 for Upstate Capoeira’s 4th Annual Batizado & Troca de Cordões.


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