Project BACANA is the Brazilian Arts & Culture Association of North America. The mission of the organization is to promote healthy living through Brazilian Arts and Culture empowering people to reach their full potential. Through the disciplines of the Brazilian martial art of capoeira, Brazilian folkloric dance and music (samba, forro, afro dance, etc.), people can expect to learn about a new culture, even a new language in an interesting way that will improve your physical, mental and spiritual well being.


Currently, we offer regularly scheduled classes in capoeira as Upstate Capoeira for all ages and abilities (kids and adults) in the Upstate region of South Carolina, Spartanburg and Greenville respectively and recently opened a new space, Equilibrio Movement Culture Center in Gastonia, North Carolina.

Project BACANA is also frequently scheduled for offerings nationally and internationally to share with others our love of this beautiful culture and lifestyle we have found through the Brazilian arts. Regarding capoeira, our team is comprised of native Brazilian Contra Mestre Neguinho, with over 27 years of experience and Professora Risadinha with 15 years. Both have been trained as dancers in folkloric and even some more classic forms such as modern and jazz since they were young children. Additionally, Professora Risadinha has a degree in Biology, is a certified RYT-200 Hatha Yoga Instructor and Acro Yoga International teacher and both have training in personal fitness.

Project BACANA is available for classes, workshops, residencies, after-school and performances. We can’t wait to meet you and help you reach your full potential. Call us today!

New to Capoeira?

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that incorporates elements of fight, dance, play, acrobatics, strength, flexibility, history, endurance, music, community and friendship.ANYONE CAN DO CAPOEIRA! All ages and abilities are welcome to join us!

Build your strength, coordination, and confidence by doing this fun, yet complete workout. Beyond the workout, you learn discipline, focus and make many new friends from around the globe. Contra Mestre Neguin has over 25 years experience in this art-form and is eager to share what he has learned. His additional experience and education in Physical education makes this a fun, safe yet challenging workout for anyone. Capoeira goes beyond the workout complete with music and history so that everyone, regardless of physical ability is able to participate at some level. The only way to get in shape for capoeira is to do it.

Come to a class, try something new!

We currently serve three locations;

EQUILIBRIO: Movement Culture Center – 182 W Main Avenue, Gastonia, NC

Raja Academy of Martial Arts – 1200 Woodruff Road, Suite B8, Greenville, SC

Ethos Combatives, 2306 Chesnee Highway, Suite 10, Spartanburg, SC


Our Scheduled Classes are;


Monday/Wednesday, 7:30pm (Equilibrio)

Tuesday/Thursday, 4:30pm (Raja)

ADULTS – Tuesday/Thursday, 6:40pm (Raja)


Monday/Wednesday, 8pm (Equilibrio)

Tuesday/Thursday, 8:45pm (Ethos)

*Friday, 8pm (Equilibrio)

*Sunday, 3pm (Raja)

*please call as these times on Friday and Sunday are more flexible and are subject to change

Stay tuned for additional classes on the weekends. Connect with us on Instagram “upstatecapoeira” “project_bacana” and Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel. “Upstate Capoeira / Project BACANA”

Call today if you want to bring Project BACANA/Upstate Capoeira to your location! 704-949-5535.




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Come learn the beautiful art of Capoeira, A Brazilian martial art that combines elements of fight, dance, music, strength, acrobatics, coordination, guile and more. Appropriate for all levels of experiences, age, creed, etc. If you have a desire to try, you can do capoeira! Upstate Capoeira┬áis the only place in the upstate to learn capoeira … Continue reading News

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