BACANA/Upstate Capoeira is available for classes, workshops, residencies, after-school and performances. We can’t wait to meet you and help you reach your full potential. Call us today!

We currently serve three locations;

Raja Academy of Martial Arts – 1200 Woodruff Road, Suite B8, Greenville, SC

Ethos Combatives, 2309 Chesnee Highway, Suite 10, Spartanburg, SC

Budokon Academy of Charlotte — 2935 Griffith Street, Charlotte, NC




  • Tuesday/Thursday, 4:30pm (Raja)



  • Monday, 8pm (Budokon )
  • Tuesday/Thursday, 6:35pm (Raja)
  • Tues 8pm (Ethos)


Call today if you want to bring Project BACANA/Upstate Capoeira to your location! 704-949-5535


Upcoming Workshops;

5th Annual Upstate Capoeira Batizado & Troca de Cordões September 18-21!


Past Events;

July 23 – CM Omi & Professor Caiman – IDP Batizado

July 22 – Professor Alemao ASCAB Semear Vida Batizado

July 15 – CM Gata Brava Batizado

July 8 – CM Bocao Inauguration

July 2 – Outdoor presentation

June 24 – CM Cebolinha CDO Newark Batizado


February 18-20- Charlotte, NC- Winter Games International Capoeira School

October 15 – Westchester, NY – Cai na Capoeira Batizado

October 29 – Charlotte, NC – International Capoeira School Batizado

November 21 – Chicago, IL – Dia do Zumbi Celebration with Gingarte

December 5- Workshop with Professor Costela hosted at Ethos